The Energy Systems Accelerator (TESA)

We are based at Mini-TESA – The Energy Systems Accelerator pilot – a new world-leading multi-disciplinary hub and co-working space located in Holywell House at Osney Mead in Oxford.

The Energy Systems Accelerator (TESA) pilot aims to foster collaboration between industry and academia across all energy sectors to develop new approaches to help us meet the zero-carbon challenge.

  • In a unique working arrangement, scientists are sharing space with social enterprises, industrial and local government stakeholders. Concerns about intellectual property (IP) which have traditionally funnelled scientific groups into tightly protected groups, working in highly specialised siloes, have been re-thought so that a shared mission enables collaborations previously thought impossible.
  • Scientists, researchers and university academics from a wide variety of disciplines are physically working together to pool their expertise and think through problems from multiple perspectives – from the sharp end of technological challenges and the economics of how this works in financial systems, to the human behaviour considerations needed for adaptation.
  • The University of Oxford’s MSc in Energy Systems led by Professor David Wallom, is taught here in open, adaptable learning spaces right across the hall from one of the country’s most prestigious energy research labs led by Malcolm McCulloch.